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You deserve to live a life of connection and authenticity.

Navigating the world as an LGBTQIA+ person can feel overwhelming and isolating.

The anxiety-inducing experiences often lead to self-doubt, questions about identity and coming out, or the emotional hurdles associated with transitioning.

Depression, anxiety, and a low self-image can leave you feeling stuck and disconnected in your relationships with family and romantic partners.

Therapy is a pathway to improved relationships with yourself and others.

What's more, you don't have to take this journey to self-discovery and acceptance alone.


As a queer person...

I know that the path to self-acceptance and authenticity is not easy.

I grew up in a rural and homophobic environment where I was forced to shrink or repress my identity.

When I moved to New York City, something I always dreamed of doing, I felt liberated.

However, after years of hiding who I was, I needed to unlearn the negative thoughts and behaviors surrounding my identity and find the courage to step into my authentic self.

Along my journey...

I realized I was passionate about supporting others through their painful challenges and helping them experience joy in their growth.

As a therapist...

I am dedicated to creating a safe and affirming space where you can explore your emotions, thoughts, and fears.

It's time to receive the support you deserve. Reach out today.


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