LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy

You’re tired of having to educate others about your identities.

Jaden* spent most of his life feeling inadequate and ashamed of his sexual identity.

He rejected this part of himself for the approval and acceptance of others. He worked tirelessly at this and frequently felt depleted.

Jaden carries this burden and has noticed a dip in his interest in spending time with friends and loved ones. He has anxiety about interacting socially; it’s become easier to avoid contact with other people than to wear masks of joy and feel inauthentic.

Constant disapproval has left its mark.

Jaden loves his friends but feels too afraid to open up to them about dating and other intimate affairs. He is worried he isn't doing it right and is either not gay/queer enough or too gay/queer.

He has the same issue at work: setting boundaries or asserting his worth. There are constant worries about harsh criticism and being devalued, which would affirm the negative beliefs he has about himself.

It’s time to build confidence and assertiveness.

Jaden realizes he accommodates others' needs more than he asks for what he wants. Through therapy, he realized he also did this during adolescence with peers and family to be in their good grace.

He didn't want to be rejected, humiliated, or physically harmed for his sexual identity.

Therapy helped to deconstruct thinking patterns that were preventing him from embracing deep and meaningful relationships.

What is LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapy?

LGBTQ+ affirmative therapy is an approach to treatment. It integrates concepts of intersectionality, queer theory, and granting the space and recognition that we are more than just our parts.

Our many identities are woven in and out of our lives in different settings; some are celebrated, some are not. When working with an affirmative therapist, we consider all aspects of who you are — race, gender, sexuality, religiosity (or not), and culture — while creating a trustworthy and supportive space that affirms YOU.

Our goal is to encourage your strengths and acceptance of self and to help you nurture healthy relationships.

Break away from the beliefs holding you back.

If you’re ready to take the leap like Jaden, reach out now.

We’re here and ready to help.

*Jaden is NOT a real client. Jaden is a composite to illustrate the experiences clients may have and are looking to work on in therapy.


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