Healing from Conversion Therapy

Drowning in guilt and shame…

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You’ve been told the feelings you naturally experience are unnatural.

You’ve been told your “lifestyle” is immoral or a sin… and you need deliverance.

You’ve been told you’re bringing shame to your family—possibly the same family that doesn’t treat you quite the same as they once did.

It’s no wonder you hate that you like other men.

When you believe something’s wrong with you…

It’s hard to love yourself.

You feel inadequate, which makes you hate yourself even more.

Despite all the efforts to shame you out of it, your identity hasn’t changed. It’s just buried beneath a heap of self-hatred.

“Praying the gay away” hasn’t worked.

There’s a cost to suppressing your identity.

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It causes you to withdraw from life.

Instead of being an active participant, you become a passive observer, jealously watching others live and love freely.

It’s overwhelming and takes a toll on your mental health.

But you need something other than distraction.

So, you sign up for affirming therapy.

Here, your identity will be validated, helping you feel safe enough to talk about your experience.

You’ll also learn to protect your mental health with coping tools that combat queerphobia.

Conversion therapy is traumatic, so you’ll need special support to process that pain.

Your breakthrough is just a call away.

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Therapy will change your self-perception. You’ll discover and appreciate your identity for what it is rather than being preoccupied with what others believe you should be.

There are healthier ways of coping with the trauma you experienced. I would be honored to be your guide to feeling better about yourself.

It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat of your life!

Give me a call. Let’s talk more during your free consultation: (201) 829-5494


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