Depression and Anxiety

You’ve been “off” for a while…

You’re probably wondering if you’re depressed or just having a bout of passing sadness.

You hang out with friends, laugh at jokes, and appear okay… but deep down, you’re not happy. You don’t FEEL okay.

It’s sadness… but it’s more than that.

It’s creeping into… everything.

Your appetite.

Your energy.

Your motivation to do anything.

Somehow, talking about “deep stuff” doesn’t help. It only leaves you feeling more helpless and hopeless, so you stick to small talk.

Avoidance seems to help, so you do what you can so you’re not alone with your thoughts. You’re working extra hours or spending more time at the gym.

As you’re learning, though… avoidance isn’t helping either.

In fact, it’s making things worse.

When you cope by avoidance, new issues crop up.

It’s not long before you feel you’re being held captive by your thoughts and feelings.

Anxiety sets in, and it worsens as you feel like YOU’RE getting worse.

It’s an emotionally exhausting cycle.

Starting therapy is a good decision.

Let’s face it: Friends and family usually aren’t that helpful when dealing with depression and anxiety. They may care and have good intentions, but they’re not trained to do it, and they can’t be the kind of impartial guide you need.

What you’re struggling with deserves the attention of a professional. That’s why you’re here, and you’ve come to the right place.

Together, we’ll discover the underlying issues—what’s REALLY causing you to experience this cycle of depression and anxiety. As we explore your past and connect it to your present, you might be surprised how much lighter you’ll feel by openly and honestly sharing your emotions and experiences.

We’ll also investigate how your thoughts and behavioral patterns might be perpetuating or worsening your depression and anxiety.

When you’re aware of those patterns, you can disrupt them and keep yourself from spiraling further into the cycle.

I’m here for you…

Therapy allows you to unburden yourself, learn why you’re struggling, and make changes in your life to keep depression and anxiety at bay.

With time, you’ll start noticing a difference in how you feel and your overall well-being.

Let’s get your life back on track!

I would love to talk more about how I can help. Call today for your free consultation: (201) 829-5494


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